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Volleyball Injuries | Volleyball Injury Prevention & Treatment

Volleyball players may also be at increased risk for a sort of stress fracture in the low back called spondylolysis. If pain persists more than a month and is worse with bending backward, consider consulting a physician.

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Because volleyball players repeatedly use their shoulders for spiking and blocking, overuse injuries of the shoulder are common. Sprains and strains, most often around ankle, also occur. Finger injuries, such as dislocations and tendon tears, frequently occur during setting and blocking.

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Volleyball has some risks involved with it because there are some injuries which occur to players that are quite common; these include ankle injuries, shoulder injuries, foot injuries and knee injuries.

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Some of the most common volleyball injuries that occur in volleyball include: Shoulder injuries — Constant use of the arms can cause volleyball players to suffer from: Shoulder irritation and inflammation, specifically in the rotator cuff muscles.

First aid for acute injuries in volleyball

Volleyball is a sport with a lot of jumps and landings. Typical situations where you can suffer from an ankle sprain when landing on your mates or opponents foot. The recommended treatment for most acute injuries is referred to as the PRICE principle.

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Because volleyball involves repetitive overhead motions, such as spiking and blocking, players are prone to overuse injuries of the shoulder. In addition, volleyball players are particularly susceptible to finger injuries.

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4. Volleyball Finger Injuries. Volleyball players can suffer jammed, dislocated, and fractured fingers from contact with the ball, the net, and even with teammates. An injured finger should be evaluated and treated immediately, especially if there is significant pain, swelling, discoloration, or inability to move it.

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FlexEdge Beach Volleyball Courts improve athlete safety by eliminating potential dangers from more traditional wood, plastic and concrete borders. A FlexEdge court kit will create a 50’ x 80’ bordered area that will hold a 26.3’ x 52.5’ regulation court and provide a 10’ safety runout all around.