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Teer : Interpretations of Dreams, Gambling and Archery

Yes, you heard it right! Dreams! There is myth that goes about the sport that you can forecast the numbers if you de-crypt the dreams you saw the previous night. So the whole business which is estimated to be worth 700-800 crores is dependent on the interpretation of dreams. Teer : What it is. Gambling through teer (archery) has been there ...

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Participants whose teer dream number predictions are realised in the first round win Rs 80 for every Re 1 ticket bought; while those whose bets are realised in the second round win Rs 60 for every Re 1 ticket.

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Results or the Teer Dream numbers of the final round are announced at 5:15 pm. Participants whose prediction matches the Teer Dream number in the first round, win Rs 80 for every Re 1 ticket. Meanwhile, winners of the second round receive Rs 60 for every Re 1 bet placed.

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It is believed that people win the teer lottery on the basis of any dream. Teer Dream Number is nothing but the dream that you had last night. Based on that dream, there are some uncertain direct numbers are with house nad ending numbers are predicted. Most of the people say that they won Teer by the dream that he/she had last night.

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Teer Dream Interpretations. Traditionally, dreams and symbolism are given a lot of importance in Teer. On TeerToday.com, you will find a compiled list of teer dream meanings or the numbers you should bet on for each type of dream you have. Here’re a few teer dream interpretations that stood out for us:

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Although teer is a game of luck , there is a strong believe that yesterday’s dream can help to predict the future results of the teer game correctly . Hence, most of the players follows the dream numbers of teer. We will be discussing more about teer dream numbers here. Teer is not a proper lottery game. We can call it a game of dreams.

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The correct predictions made for the Teer Dream number in the second roundwill fetch the participant Rs 60 for every Re 1 ticket. The game is governed by a set of rules which have been crafted under the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act.

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If the ticket-holders’ prediction matches with the Teer Dream numbers in the first round, the winners are given Rs 80 for every Rs. 1 ticket they place their bets on. But if the predictions come true in the second round, the ticket-holders are rewarded with Rs 60 for each Rs. 1 ticket purchased for the game.