Models: Bag, cutlery and tumbler made using biodegradable, material developed at IISc, Bengaluru.

IISc researchers find a way to substitute for single-use plastics

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A pharmacy technician loads a syringe with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at the Portland Expo in Portland, Maine, U.S. File

As U.S. approves booster shots, just 3.5% vaccinated in Africa

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Thanu Padmanabhan.

Renowned astrophysicist Thanu Padmanabhan passes away

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A colony of football playground drawingn fruit bats roost on an Acacia tree in Coonoor.

Science Quiz: on bats

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Question Corner | Fin design

Solar power: In stars like our Sun, hydrogen is being converted through fusion into helium, releasing huge amounts of energy.

U.S. lab makes headway in nuclear fusion energy

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