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The way forward: Adopting one health strategy to protect humanity against emerging zoonotic diseases should be an integral part of preparing for the future.   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

ibl live score,When SARS-CoV-2 virus began spreading globally early last year, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, like mainland China, adopted a “Zero COVID” strategy. The goal was to aim for almost zero daily fresh cases through a mix of border closing, quarantining people coming into the country, extensive testing and strict implementation of COVID-appropriate behaviour. This not only greatly reduced daily fresh cases, it also led to fewer deaths and health-care facilities not being stretched. But even with a large percentage of the population vaccinated, most of these countries have begun reporting a large number of new cases due to the Delta variant. Some countries have now abandoned the strategy.

In an email to The Hindu, epidemiologist Dr. Giridhara Babu from Bengaluru’s Public Health Foundation of soccer usa kit explains why the Zero COVID strategy is impractical and difficult to sustain and what could be the best exit strategy to aim for.

handball live score,Zero COVID cases is a myth as an accomplishment for a longer time. Countries might be successful only for a transient period, but this will not be sustainable. Many countries which set the ambitious and unrealistic goal of achieving Zero COVID have abandoned it, as each of these countries is vulnerable to the ever-evolving virus.

favorite slot machines,No country can permanently shut its borders; with any mobility of people, the virus can only reach the susceptible nations. Countries cannot remain without fresh cases if the borders are opened, and when economic activities are resumed. Only countries with islands and relatively restricted travel could keep the virus in check, at least for a short period. Having no new daily cases is not practical due to its constant evolution.

China has adopted a very hard on itself policy by repeated mass testing (to find out the missing cases), a complete cut-off of Beijing from the rest of the country, stringent curbs barring the inflow of people from high-risk to low-risk zones and very strict home isolation. These tough measures have helped China have a low number of COVID cases, but not sure if this can be replicated anywhere else or be sustained in China. ,free american roulette games online

bet on softball games,While the Zero COVID strategy is impractical, the idea of additional doses of vaccines is not completely backed by science. The countries advocating booster doses have done so mostly because of the country's failing strategy of COVID-19 control, type and dose of vaccine used and its coverage, and failure to prevent the susceptible population against the evolving virus. Isolated and individual country-specific responses against the virus are bound to fail. These countries can keep the infection at bay only for a short time, only to be infected later due to mobility. People in these countries are always at risk of getting infected with newer variants of the virus.

betfair casino commercial song,There are multiple challenges with the implementation of booster doses. If the initial doses of a vaccine have not prevented the spread of infection, additional doses also won’t be successful in this goal. For now, ensuring that every eligible person gets two doses in every part of the globe is more important. Even when implemented, acceptance of a greater number of vaccine doses by the public would be a very big challenge. The reactive response to breakthrough infections and mostly mild cases leads to unjustified demand for booster doses. This is derailing the global agenda from what actually needs to be done.

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