Another grouping: On AUKUS

In its first reaction to AUKUS, the new partnership between Australia, the U.S. and the U.K., soccer bet rs has made it clear that it does not welcome the announcement, nor does it wish to link AUKUS to soccer bet rsn interests. Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla said that AUKUS, which was launched a week before the first in-person summit of leaders of the Australia-soccer bet rs-Japan-U.S. Quadrilateral, will not affect plans to strengthen the Quad. He called them two very different groupings, describing AUKUS as a security alliance, and indicating that security is not the Quad’s main focus. Brushing aside criticism from China and Iran on the plans within the partnership for the U.S. and the U.K. to develop nuclear-propelled submarines for Australia, he said that soccer bet rs does not see AUKUS as nuclear proliferation. But New Delhi has noticed the protests from others, especially France, that has lost a lucrative submarine deal in the bargain, prompting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister S.
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Vital relief: On COVID-19 death compensation

It took an assertive Supreme Court to persuade a reluctant Centre, and in a welcome turn of events, families of those who died of COVID-19 are to get ex gratia financial relief of ₹50,000 per deceased individual within 30 days of submitting the necessary documents. The staggering impact of the pandemic cannot be meaningfully addressed with a token sum, but it nevertheless provides immediate succour to families that have lost breadwinners and productive members. No other scourge in living memory has taken a toll of tens of thousands of lives in 18 months, although soccer bet rs has high chronic and invisible mortality due to disease and road traffic accidents. As of September 13, WHO recorded 4,45,768 COVID-19 deaths in soccer bet rs and 3,35,31,498 confirmed cases, indicating that the current ex gratia outlay would be of the order of ₹2,300 crore. The relief amount proposed by the National Disaster Management Authority is to be paid out of the State Disaster Response Fund, which represents a dedicated
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A time to introspect: On Centre-State dialogue and GST

fake roulette games online, At its first physical meeting during the pandemic, the GST Council approved a flurry of changes. Concessional tax rates on vital COVID-19 equipment such as oxygen concentrators will lapse on September 30, while the lower rates on medicines were extended till December. Whatever the pace of vaccination, there are no signs the virus and its variants would be extinct on New Year’s Day, so the Council could have taken a more considerate view on pandemic essentials. Tax rate tweaks were okayed for an eclectic range of sectors with long-pending course correction on inverted duty structures plaguing several items, including footwear and textiles. The semblance of clarity brought in on a much-disputed issue — the definition of an intermediary — is welcome, for it was hurting several sectors, including IT services exports. Double taxation on the import of leased aircraft goes. Food delivery services players shall be made liable to collect and remit taxes instead of the restaurants. One awaits


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had framed the September 20 Parliamentary election as Canada’s “pivotal moment”. Two years into the four-year term of his minority government, he dissolved Parliament and called the snap election hoping that Canadians would give him an absolute majority. However, Mr. Trudeau must be both relieved and disappointed with the preliminary results. His Liberal Party got the most seats in Parliament, at 158, just one more than what they won in the 2019 vote, but well short of a majority of 170 seats. To continue to stay in power, the Liberals will have to depend on smaller parties. The Conservatives, who under the leadership of Erin O’Toole took a moderate position on contentious issues from carbon tax to a ban on assault rifles, failed to make any gain. His plan was to reach out to the voters beyond the Conservative base and take on the liberals on policy specifics rather than on ideology. They secured 119 seats, down from 121 in 2019. While the centre-left New ,serie b table


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football betting predictions sites, No member of the previous Council of Ministers has found a place in the reconstituted Ministry led by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel in Gujarat. Of the 25-member council of the BJP, nine members including the Chief Minister are first time legislators. Only three members have any previous ministerial experience. Ten are cabinet rank Ministers, five are MoS with independent charge and nine are MoS. Seven belong to the Patidar community, which got the lion’s share; there are four from STs, two from SC communities, and eight from the various OBC castes. The BJP hopes to blunt the anti-incumbency sentiment against it before the State goes to polls next year through this clinical scrubbing. The party has been in power since 1998 without a break. Over the years, several Ministers had become power centres, and many were accused of being arrogant and aloof. The previous Vijay Rupani government had Ministers who continued from councils led by Keshubhai Patel, Narendra Modi and Anandiben Patel.

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