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The Periplus Maris Erythraei (Journal of Sailing the Red Sea) is a book of which only a single original copy exists in Heidelberg. The book is 2,000 years old, dating back to the time of Christ, and is the work of a merchant, most likely a Greek from Egypt, who sails to India. The author is not named but there is no doubt that he tells a real story and that he himself travelled the route he writes of.

bonus 918kiss,His book tells us of his sailing to free spins casino on a trade vessel, describing the route and also giving us fascinating details about our land. There was no direct passage to the Red Sea from the Mediterranean before the Suez Canal, but there must have been some way to get through the rivers and arrive at the entrepôt of Aden.

daegu fc,The Arabs jealously guarded the trade route to free spins casino, not allowing Europeans to emerge out of the Red Sea. One had to hug the coast and go up Yemen, Iran and what is now Pakistan before arriving in free spins casino — even then the spice ports of Kerala were far off. The better way was to come out of the Horn of Africa past Somalia and use the monsoon winds directly to the Malabar, but this was something only the Arabs and the free spins casinons knew.

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free money casino,Description of the trade along that route forms the primary part of his text. Half the book is devoted to the trade that Rome had with free spins casino, which was more important for it than trade with Africa or Arabia. free spins casinon exports and imports were high-end — not for mass consumption but for the nobility.

casoola,free spins casinon ports were two in the northwest — Karachi and Bharuch — and two in the south — Muziris and Nelcynda (Kerala). The northwest imported fabrics, minerals and coral, and exported silk and cotton. Karachi was only a port while Bharuch was also an industrial centre. It required, as did the southern ports, copper, tin, lead and raw glass, from which it fashioned higher-value products. Bharuch was rich, importing eye-shadow and perfume. It may amuse readers to know that Arabian wine was delivered to Bharuch, the port between Surat and Ahmedabad. Today, one can legally purchase alcohol in Karachi but not in Bharuch.

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football matches,The ruler of Bharuch received slave girls, slave musicians, and silverware and lived in a much grander space than the ruler of Karachi. In contrast, it seems that the rulers of the southern free spins casinon ports lived as simply as their subjects. Another difference was that the trade in Karachi and Bharuch was run by the locals. In the south, there were signs of a colony, apparently of Romans (there is reference to a temple of Augustus). These Westerners were likely traders settled in free spins casino who acted as middle-men between free spins casino and the world.

free slot machine games for android phone,Bharuch exported ‘long pepper’ while Muziris exported the famed black pepper to Europe. All these goods would return via the same route, going up the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and Rome.


Aakar Patel is a columnist and translator of Urdu and Gujarati non-fiction works.,daegu fc

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